Acceptable Income Documents

  • Option 1: Submit a copy of your filed 2020 Federal Tax Return or a Determination Letter showing that your income has been verified by an approved agency
  • Option 2: Submit 2020 year-end income documents (e.g. W-2, IRS 1099-G, etc.)
  • Option 3: Submit proof of your current monthly income (e.g. Must include at least 2 months of documentation such as pay stubs, bank statements, etc.)

Income documentation must be submitted for all household members 18 years of age or older. 

Documentation must be consistent for all adults in the household. For example, if there are two adults in the household and Adult 1 provides documentation of annual income (Option 1 or Option 2), Adult 2 must also provide documentation of annual income (i.e. May submit Option 1 or Option 2; may not submit Option 3).

Option 1


  • Filed 2020 Tax Return (Form 1040 series; must list all household members) 


  • Determination letter from another local, state, or federal governmental assistance program documenting that your household income has been verified to be at or below 80 percent of the area median income (must list all household members and have been issued on or after January 1, 2020)

Option 2

If you haven't filed your 2020 Federal Tax Return or don't have a Determination Letter, you must submit all of the following documents (if they apply to you):

  • Form W-2 (wage and tax statement from employer(s))
  • Form 1099-MISC (miscellaneous income)
  • Form IRS 1099-G (unemployment benefits)
  • Form SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S (social security benefits)
  • Form IRS 1099-R (pension/annuity income)
  • Proof of 2020 annual self-employment income (ex. profit and loss statement)
  • Proof of other income (bank statements, Zelle/CashApp/Venmo payments, etc.)

Helpful Tutorials:

How to view your IRS 1099-G

How to view your SSA-1099

Option 3

If you choose to prove your monthly income, rather than 2020 annual income, you must upload 2 months of the following (if they apply to you):

  • Paystubs 
  • Bank statements demonstrating regular income 
  • Social security award letter
  • Pension/Annuity income verification letter
  • Zelle/CashApp/Venmo payment summaries

Questions - If you have questions about the program, you can:

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