Acceptable Proof of COVID-19 Hardship

  • Option 1: Submit documentation of unemployment benefits 
  • Option 2: Submit other proof of hardship (e.g. loss of income, higher bills )

Hardship must be due, directly or indirectly, to the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you are reapplying for assistance, you must be able to demonstrate that you have ongoing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you or a member of your household experienced hardship due to contracting the COVID-19 virus, you will be asked to: (1) explain the hardship your household experienced due to the illness and (2) submit documentation of the hardship. In most instances, we will not be able to accept a self-administered COVID-19 test.

Option 1

If at least one member of your household qualified for unemployment benefits due to COVID-19, you can submit proof of unemployment benefits to prove your household's eligibility for the program.  You will need to submit:

  • TWC Determination on Payment of Unemployment Benefits 


  • TWC Statement of Wages & Potential Benefits Amount

Click HERE for directions on how to access your TWC documents.

Option 2

If no one in your household qualified for unemployment benefits due to a COVID-19, you may submit other proof of hardship. We will work with you to identify the best way to document your financial hardship. 

Examples of other documentation of COVID-19 hardship:

  • Increased childcare expenses (submit a recent invoice)
  • Increased healthcare expenses (submit a bill or receipt for COVID-19-related treatment)
  • Funeral expenses (submit a bill or receipt)
  • Reduction in self-employment income (provide cancellations from clients, year-over-year financial statements or other documentation)
  • Other documentation - case-by-case

Questions - If you have questions about the program, you can:

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